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Terms and conditions

Your booking contract is made with Branda Open Water Swim Academy, a registered company in Monaco and having its head office in 9, Rue des Oliviers 98000 MONACO. Your contract integrates the general and particular conditions of sale below. The terms "Swim The Riviera", "STR", "us", "our" are in reference to Branda Open Water Swimming Academy. The terms "you", "your" are in reference to the people making the reservation.
The registration in a training course implies the agreement to the present terms and conditions, it will be taken into account according to the terms described on the general and particular conditions.

Payments and booking
Your booking
During your on-line booking on Swim The Riviera ( STR) you have to pay a 20 % deposit or the full amount of your stay (according to the date of reservation). Your training course so reserved will then be submitted to the present terms and conditions. Your booking will be confirmed for all the people mentioned in your form of reservation. Once your made on-line booking, you will receive an e-mail of confirmation specifying that we took into account your request. The booking contract between STR and yourself starts as soon as you will have received from us an invoice of confirmation of the training course.Please make sure you double check  the information on the invoice of confirmation and on all the documents which we shall send you. If the information mentioned on the sent documents is inaccurate and do not correspond to your reservation thank you for contacting us directly. We consider that the information mentioned on the invoices of confirmation as exact after ten days without feedback from you. In case of a group booking, the booking contract is made with only one person having the quality of team leader. It is of the team leader’s responsibility to make sure that the members of his(her) group are informed and in agreement with the terms and conditions of sale.For questions of practicality and availability with our hotel partners, the swimming booking and the hosting are made via our Web site: only. Hosting invoicing will be realized by our hotel partners and will be separated from the invoicing of the training course.

Payment terms
The prices are in euros TTC (all taxes included). They got from the meeting spot to the end. They include the services defined on our web site and reminded in the confirmation of your reservation.
STR reserves the right to modify the prices proposed on its web site or on any  official marketing support. We shall inform you about a possible change of prices before the sending of your invoice of confirmation. Once your invoice confirmation sent, the possible valuable changes are only subjected to the present terms of sale. During your on-line reservation you will have to pay a 20 % deposit or a full payment. If the starting date of your training course is lower than 4 ( four) weeks compared with  the date of booking, you will have to pay the total price of the training course at once while booking online. The balance of your training course must be settled at the latest 4 weeks before the effective date of departure of your training course. The methods of payment of the balance of your training course will be sent to you by email.Your booking cannot be confirmed before receiving the booking deposit. If the balance is not settled on time, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and to keep your deposit.

Modifications and cancellation before the departure
We make a commitment to respect as much as possible the descriptions and the services which were mentioned in your invoice of confirmation. We organize, with various service providers, a logistics to insure you a high quality training course. Changes can sometimes turn out to be necessary, and we reserve the right to make them. Most of these modifications are minor and will concern adjustments of routes, or minor adjustments of accommodation. In every case if we consider that a change of the initial program is of significant importance we make a commitment to communicate it to you as fast as possible as soon as we have knowledge of it.
In case we should cancel your training course we shall let you know as soon as possible, and we shall propose you three alternatives:

  • Training course equivalent or upper to different dates without valuable change,
  • Training course with lower  value in different dates with a complete refund of the difference,
  • Full refund of your training course,
Training courses offered on our web site and on flyers depend on a number of registered participants. If the minimum number of trainees is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the concerned training course. In this eventuality, we shall inform you as soon as possible and as indicated above, the trainees will have the choice of a total refund) of the paid amount or will be offered a modification of the dates of departure of the training course.
If we were in the obligation to cancel the training course for participants' insufficiency, we would be indebted of no financial compensation. (Travel expenses for example)

Modifications during the training course
Open water swimming is by definition a sport dependent on the outside weather conditions. Therefore we request from all participants a certain flexibility and  adaptability in the natural environment. For STR, the safety of our trainees is an absolute priority. If a session of swimming at sea cannot be maintained as initially planned in the program, a modification or a last-minute cancellation can take place. As possible we shall always find an alternative solution to propose you a service of equivalent swimming. In every case, our professional team and swimmers rescuers will determine if a session of swimming can take place or not and you will have to comply entirely with his instructions.Having said that, we could not be indebted some financial compensations in case of cancellation or of change of plans due to a fact independent from our will and escaping our control. We speak here about extreme cases such as, water pollutions, climatic hazards, war, terrorism, epidemic, devastates nature, etc...

You wish to modify your booking
If you wish to modify your booked training course, you have to inform us about it as soon as you have knowledge of it. We shall if possible try to satisfy your request.

You wish to cancel your booking
If you wish to cancel your booking you have to announce it to STR in writing. In this case we shall apply the conditions of cancellation specified in the chart below:
  • Between your date of booking and until 4 weeks before the departure of the training course – we keep the deposit
  • Between 4 weeks and until 2 weeks before the departure of the training course – We will charge 70 % of the total price
  • Lower than 2 weeks before the departure of the training course – no refund, full charge applies

Limits of responsibility
We cannot be considered as person in charge of a failure in the execution of the contract, if the aforementioned failure is caused by:
  • Yourself;
  • A third party no related to the organization of the training course;
  • An unforeseen outside event, independent from our will and outside our control in spite of all the precautions brought to the organization;

Commitments and responsibilities
Particular Requests
If you have a particular request concerning your training course, please let us know as soon as possible, we shall do our best to satisfy it.

Official Documents
It is of your responsibility for being in possession of your official documents up to date: passports, ID card, VISA during your arrival on the place of the training course.

Health and shape
Our training courses are sports training courses based on the swimming in open water. It is of your responsibility to insure that your physical shape allows you to follow the training course. If you have the slightest doubt concerning your capacities, thank you for consulting your doctor. We reserve the right, even after an training course began to take you out of a session of swimming at sea if we think that your physical shape does not allow you to pursue. In this case, we could not be held responsible and therefore, we would be indebted of no compensation.Your medical record must be up to date the day of the departure of the training course. This information will remain strictly confidential, and we shall use them only  in case of emergency. In case of obvious incoherence between your information and your capacities putting in danger the pursuit of the activity for you and the other participants, we reserve ourselves the right to take you out of a session. In this case, we could not be held responsible and therefore, we would be indebted of no financial compensation.

It is of your responsibility for verifying that your insurance covers the practice of open water swimming. To protect you in the event of an accident or from incident which can arise during your stay, it is essential for you to possess a guarantee full risks covering in particular the diseases, the accident, the emergency repatriation, the cancellation, the delay …

You make a commitment to have a behavior and an attitude respecting the rules of life in community and the elementary safety regulations dictated by your guide. In case of an unacceptable behavior for us or our partners, of a careless behavior being able to put you in danger or put in danger a third, we reserve the right to exclude you from a training course. In this case, we could not be held responsible and therefore, we would be indebted of no financial compensation.

It is of your responsibility for being in the starting spot of the training course on time and in the planned day.

Any complaints have to be made in writing until 28 days after the end of the training course.

Age limit
Our training courses are not opened to the minors under age 16. The minors between 16 and 18 years must be accompanied with a major adult. The adults accompanying persons have no obligation to participate in the sessions of swimming and can be simply an accompanying person.

Protection of the private life
We collect private information at the time of your booking. This information concerns in particular your e-mail, your names and address, your medical record, your diets, etc.... We shall use this information only within the framework of your booking.
Sometimes we can use your address and phone number for our internal marketing. We may send you special offers or novelties. In case of refusal to receive notifications from us, thank you for informing us about it in writing.

Pictures and comments
We might take photos and videos during your training course to use on our web site or on our marketing supports.
If you wish to send us your own pictures, or writings or videos of your training course, we may also use them on our web site or on our marketing supports.
Thank you for confirming us by e-mail if you do not wish that we use photos, video or comments where you appear.

Most of the time, we communicate with you by e-mail. It is of your responsibility to check your electronic messages regularly and to keep a copy of our sending’s.

Secure payment
On-line payment: the payment is immediate. All the banking transactions are made via the secure on-line payment service of the LCL: you will never communicate us your account ID directly, these will be coded thanks to the protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and will never transit on unsecure networks.

Last update : 26/01/2015