Loïc Branda is a former top athlete member of the French open water swimming team. Born in Nice, he discovers at early stage open water swimming on the French Riviera. 

" I am an open water swimming true lover, I founded SwimThe Riviera to share my passion of sea swimming "

Before that, Loïc started his professional career by crossing the English Channel in duet in 2004, then swimming all over the world.
During his career he will win 8 France championships, some international races (winner of leg of the European and World cup), and compete in 3 World championships and 2 European ones.
He will decide to successfully retire from his professional career after finishing 5th at the FINA world championships in 2009 on the 25K.
He will then share his experience in a DVD dedicated to open water swimming for beginners and advanced swimmers, complete his coaching degree, write his memoire, and write a paper.

Fascinated by sport and open water swimming, Loïc started working in 2009 as an engineer specialized in water treatments in order to preserve natural environments.

"By creating Swim The Riviera, I will like to share my passion and experience for swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, I will guide you through the nature side of the French Riviera."

For several years, Loïc swam on the entire Swim the Riviera training tracks.

"I will be your coach on each training and will supervised all of your swimming sessions."

Visit Loïc Branda Open Water swimming coaching website

Professional training

  • 2002

    BNSSA - French lifeguard license

  • 2008

    Master’s degree in engineering  from INSA in Toulouse, specialized in water treatments

  • 2010

    BEESAN - French swimming coaching degree

DVD, books and publications

  • 2002 - 2009

    Professional open water swimmer

  • 2010

    DVD “Nager en eau libre avec Loïc Branda » ; first dvd ever made in french about open water swimming

    Coachind degree thesis on the specificities of open water swimming

  • 2010 - 2014

    Open water swimming around the world and the French Riviera


  • 2014

    Collaboration in the book of François Bernard Tremblay “l’aventure de l’Eau libre”

  • 2015

    Founder & Coach : "Nager en eau libre" and "Swim The Riviera"


Adrien Tachon

Swimming guide, life guard

Professional fireman, he ensures safety while swimming. Former swimmer and top athlete, he knows all the spots and will make a perfect guide.


Adrien Tachon

Swimming guide, life guard

Professional fireman, he ensures safety while swimming. Former swimmer and top athlete, he knows all the spots and will make a perfect guide.


Stéphane Devesse


Experienced pilot he will share his experience and good mood.


Laetitia Branda

Back Office

She will be in charge of all administrative and technical details.


Gilles Rondy

Martinique Guide

Gilles is a former professional open water swimmer. 25 km European Champion in 2006, he managed to crossthe English Channel in 7h54. He lives now in Martinique and he will be your guide for this trip !


Swimming Guest Star

Open water champions will join some of the training courses. They will join the group for a couple of days. You will have the chance to swim belong them !

Your safety is our priority !

Our absolute priority is the safety of our swimmers.

For each swimming session, the trainees are escorted by an experienced team of open water coach and lifeguards. Lifeguards licenses are updated every year

The partnership between Swim The Riviera and RESTUBE arose from believing that open water swimming must be safe so you can enjoy the nature to the fullest. This partnership is a way to ensure our swimmers safety; therefore each trainee will be equipped with one RESTUBE.

RESTUBE ensures your safety in case of slowdowns or problem during a swim session.

Loïc Branda is actually involved in the development and design of those safety product for the open water swimmers

Safety mesures :

  • 1 Escort motorboat, with a capacity at least equal to the number of swimmers.
  • 1 or 2 lifeguards
  • 1 full sea safety kit
  • 1 RESTUBE for each trainee 
In case of bad conditions, solutions will be provided to enssure a safe swimming session (close open water bay, sea water outdoor pool...)