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Swimtheriviera.com organizes swim-based sports holiday courses
Open Water Swimming in Finland.

The site proposes a week of training in Finland in the natural park of Koli including a swimming session
At sea by day directed and framed by Loïc BRANDA former international swimming in open water and adapted safety.
The afternoon is dedicated to the discovery of the park and this part of Finland with in particular:
- Introduction to the Summer Biathlon with a World Champion
- sauna boat on the lakes of the Park
- local market visit
- hiking, discoveries of the islands of the Koli National Park
- relaxation
- walking in the town of Joensuu
- Night swimming session with the midnight setting sun

The sessions take place on different lakes of the National Park.
Reservations available at www.swimtheriviera.com
  • Supervised swimming sessions and technical feedbacks
  • Guided tour
  • Accomodation and breakfast
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Preparation trainning plan 
  • Activities

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Supervision of all swimming sessions and technical analysis
Stay guided

Training plan to prepare for the internship

Transportation to and from the place of departure of the course


The program



Arrival / Finland

Welcome to Martinique !
Arrival of the first swimmer to the hotel
DIscovery of the place and relaxation
Welcoming of the swimmers by our Team
Introduction of all the participants with the team
Presentation of the stay by Gilles Rondy
Delivery of the full trip guide and equipments
Welcoming drinks




Swim 1 / Salines
3.7 km

Departure from the islet Cabrit
Arrival on the beach of Anse Meunier (also known as Mosquito Cove)

Start of this stage at the islet Cabrit, in the extreme south of Martinique island, where the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet. Beside the islet rises the table of the devil, a small volcanic island with a spectacular form and steep cliffs.
The swim course will take us above the coral reef that protects the Anse Salines and its famous beach. Over one million visitors come to enjoy its white sand and coconut trees.
The course will allow us to swim along this beach while admiring underwater life.
We will then swim pass the small Anse Salines (nudist beach!) to reach the Anse Meunier, where ends this first step.



Swim 2 / Borghnese
4.2 km
28 °C

Departure from the Islet Duquesnay
Arrival on the beach of Anse Figuier

A stroll on Duqesnay islet will warm us up before heading to the second stage.
The departure takes place near the famous beach of the Marin tip (where the Club Med is): the seabed is mostly sandy. When reaching the first tip, the sea may get a little rougher and we start observing more rocky seabed as marine life intensifies.
We receive well deserved food supplies by the Pointe Borghnese, a popular site for first scuba diving.
We then continue along the reef until the arrival at Anse Figuier.



Swim 3 / Josephine Baths
3.2 km
28 °C

Departure: Monnerot

Arrival: Josephine Bath between the islet Thierry and islet Oscar
This stage begins at the Fregate Culdesac (Fregate dead end). As we exit the bay, we swim along the Métrente islet to reach a 100 meters long channel.
We then the swim to the Oscar and Thierry islets. We have a look at the underwater route to admire marine fauna before finishing the day at Josephine bath. This famous high white sand seabed area is a perfect place to enjoy a well-deserved refreshment.



Swim 4 / Diamond Rock
3.7 km
27 ° C

Departure: Diamond Rock

Arrival: Anse Cafard (Cockroach Cove)

We start by the legendary Diamond Rock that we can discover up close. After that, we swim straight to the Anse Cafard. The sea is often rough in this area, but the swell is rather favorable. On the course, we have an amazing view on Morne Larcher (Larcher Mount). When arriving at the Anse Cafard, we can pay respect to the 46 sailors lost in a sinking in 1815, for whom a memorial was erected.




Swim 5 / Grande Anse – Anse Dufour
4.2 km
27 °C

Departure: Grande Anse beach

Arrival: Anse Dufour

Starting at the beautiful beach of Anses d'Arlet, we warm up by taking the underwater route.  The first hundred meters should allow us to swim with the many turtles living in this grass seabed cove.
After the first tip, the seabed becomes rocky and the sea rougher. The current is also less favorable. In these waters, it is common to find barracudas.
The Anse Dufour is our destination and a small beach wedged in a cove where we can enjoy a good meal in one of the restaurants.



Departure / Fort de France

Tour is already finished...
You will bring back home a full week of open water swimming on the scenic and beautiful place of the French caribbean
By his nature, open water swimming is a good way to build friendship, you will certainly stay in touch with your swimming teamates ! 

You have improved your swimming skills and have a really great time during your holidays in Martinique

"A très bientôt !"




Hôtel Vaakuna

Located in the heart of the city of Joensuu, Hotel Vaakuna has an ideal location and comfort.Ideally located a few steps from the city center and close to the town hall and typical shops ...

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