01. What has to be my level to join the tour ?

Swimmers of any age and any levels can join the Swim The Riviera tour. Our session can be divided into two or three group levels if needed, which allows each swimmer to take part of a group that is neither to fast nor to slow. Sea swimming is very different from swimming in a pool, the salted sea water helps in the buoyancy and the group effect is stimulating and allows reaching distances from which you refrained to reach in a pool. The exitment of swimming in a group combined with the visualization of your finish point is nothing to compare with boring round trips in a swimming pool.  Once booked in, we will provide you with a proper training program to prepare your session.
The Swim The Riviera training courses plan a morning session of swimming, so a session a day. The actual swimming time will depend on your speed and on the conditions. We plan a couple of hours per day.

02. How many hours a day am I going to swim ?

03. Am I obliged to know how to swim freestyle ?

Most trainees swim in crawl, but it is absolutely possible to go through the tracks in breaststroke or any other swimming style. The group levels will allow swimming at your rhythm regardless of your swimming style. Always keep in mind it is your training, your swimming, your speed and your rythm. 
Yes. Trainees must have at least 16 years old and all trainees under 18 must be under adult supervision.
The adult supervisor coul be a non-swimmer. A non-swimming partner will not attend the swimming sessions but will be able to follow each session from a further distance and take part of the rest of the training. Should you be in that situation please contact us.

04. Is there an age limit to join the tour ?

05. Do I have to attend all of the swimming sessions fully ?

No. during every session of sea swimming, you will always have the possibility to get on the escort boat at any time. And you can also choose to get back in the water at any time after a break on board.
Swimming in natural environment, as any other sport practiced outdoors, depends on weather conditions. However, with 300 days of sunshine per year, the French Riviera is well known for its great clime, but in case of impracticability of a spot, we systematically plan a backup on a different zone which will insure you a completely safe sea swimming session. In the extremely rare cases where the practice of outdoors swimming is impossible, we shall offer you a session of sea water outdoor swimming pool.

06. Is there an alternative to a swimming session in case of bad weather conditions ?

07. How many people can join the same training course ?

We welcome up to 12 people maximum on every tour.
Of course. Each session allows to discover a different place from the Riviera. So every afternoon is reserved for the discovery of the place swam through in the morning. Trainees have the opportunity to discover the French Riviera, enjoy a nice diner, go for a drink downtown, and relax on the beach… for further information points of interests.

08. Are there other activities than sea swimming ?

09. Am I going to swim in safety ?

Absolutely! We will never say it enough: your safety is our priority. During sessions, you will be escorted by boats, kayaks, paddles… A lifeguard swimmer will ensure your safety at all times. Refreshment points are planned on every trip to avoid cramps and tiredness. You will be equipped with a safety device RESTUBE allowing the inflating of a life preserver in case of slow down. For further information: Safety.
Of course. The water of the Mediterranean Sea varies between 23 to 26°c in these periods, swimming with a wetsuit is not a necessity, but you can still wear one if you wish to. We also offer wetsuits rentals. Just contact us.

10. Can I wear a wetsuit ?

11. Will I be able to improve my swimming stroke ?

It is one of the goals of Swim the Riviera. Since sea swimming technique is very different from the swimming in a pool, certain specificities will be addressed. All the training courses are directed and supervised by Loïc Branda, former champion and coach of open water swimming (coaching site). The first day is dedicated to the improvement of your technique through open water swimming workshops, video analysis, technical advice… Throughout the training course we shall work hard on improving your technique, so that your pleasure of swimming is preserved.
No, you have no obligation. However all the departures and returns will be made from the hotel, so you will have to respect the schedule.

12. Am I obliged to reserve my accommodation via the swimming tour ?

13. Is it possible to book a single room ?

Yes, although we offer in priority double rooms or a bachelor, our hotels also offer single rooms, Single room’s availability being limited we suggest you book it as soon as possible.
Once booked in you will be provided with a complete list of equipment needed. You will need to pack your regular traveling bag and your swimming equipment: goggles, towels, swimsuit, flip flops, wetsuits, flippers, and paddles if you wish … Every trainee will get a training kit including a swimming cap and a T-shirt.

14. What kind of equipment do I need for the swimming ?

15. What is open water swimming ?

Swimming in open water means swimming in a natural environment such as a lake, river, sea, ocean, bays…
Of course, your non-swimming partner will not attend the swimming sessions but will be able to follow each session from a further distance and take part of the rest of the training. Should you be in that situation please contact us.

16. Can I come with a non-swimmer?

17. Do I need insurance ?

As for any practice of physical activity, we advise to the French and Monegasque trainees to ask their personal insurance and see if it covers open water swimming. Besides you can also find a specific insurance designed for physical activities.
For the foreigner trainees we shall ask you to provide a proof of your traveling insurance which covers open water swimming, medical fees, and the emergency repatriation if needed.
20% down payment will be charged to you online when booking. The balance will have to get paid 4 weeks upon the start. You will receive an invoice 6 weeks in advance with detailed payment methods

18. When and how should I pay for my Swim The Riviera tour ?

19. What kind of fauna are we going to meet ?

The Mediterranean Sea is a source of impressive biodiversity, with colorful fishes and you might even discover the dolphins of the Cap Martin or the sting rays of the Cap d’Antibes. You will also have the privilege of swimming among in Monaco a preserved resort for the Mediterranean species.
Yes you can. In case of a group booking please contact us directly. We can also offer private tour upon request. In case of private group trainings we will be able to custom the sessions according to your capacities and experience as a group. If there are no available dates online for your group training, please let us know and we will see if we can somehow manage to still make it work for you.

20. Can we make group reservations or privatize a trip ?

21. I never swam in open water before, is it for me?

Absolutely. Let’s don’t forget that open water swimming is the base of pool swimming. Our training courses will let everyone discover the pleasure of swimming in the sea. Thanks to the explanations of Loïc Branda, you will feel more and more confident as the training goes on. The pleasure of swimming in the sea is so great you will become an ambassador of the discipline !
On some of our swimming tour you will have the priviledge of swimming among champions of the discipline. Those international open water champions (Olympics, world champion, champion of Europe) will give you some key advises and might even join you for a swimming session.

22. What about swimming guest stars ?

23. Could I swim more distance during a day ?

Yes. If you are able to, you could swim longer than the basic day.